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Fish  Hook  is  an  establishment  started  in  the  year  2019  with the  noble  intention  to ease  the  business process  for  the  entrepreneurs and to  let  them  concentrate  in  their  prime  objective  of  business development.  Therefore,  it ventured  into  the  field  of Initial  Business   Start-up &  Execution  and Administration vide the  implementation  of  various  process  and policies  & procedures in compliance with country regulations. The company was established at United Arab Emirates under the name of Fish Hook  Accounting  Services on 3rd January 2019. Managerial and  Support staffs  were  having  wide experience in the profession and were consistently focusing and studying on market requirements and subsequently launched its division at the right time.

To  our  Management, Fish  Hook employees  are its  major  assets  as  they  contribute  to  develop  the organization  to  such  level  of  growth. Fish  Hook will also be providing  in-house  and  external training frequently for  all  its  staff  covering  various  topics  such  as  Code  of  Ethics,  Best  Practices, ICV, CSR, VAT, Accounting  Policies  and  Procedures awareness, Financial Audit, and  other on-the-job  and  Off-the-Job trainings  etc.,  Besides, our  leaders  are  actively  participating  in  various  networking  events,  knowledge sharing  programs,  trade  expos,  external  trainings  to  sustain  our  development  and  contribute  towards technological innovation.

Fish  Hook is fully  geared  to  undertake  total Business  Start-up Services  including, Implementation  of Accounting Policies and Procedures, Book Keeping Services, Periodical Reporting, Auditing, Assisting in the backlog tasks,  In-Country  Value (ICV)  Program  consultancy  and  support,  etc. The company  is  also equipped  to  handle  the Provision  of  Software  services  in  order  to  have  systematic  track  of  business transactions and MIS reports. Further, Fish Hook is also capable to provide various advisory services.

Therefore, Fish Hook is provided with the specialized team to act as a client representative since Start-up  to  running period for client’s benefit (Implementing, Monitoring,  Maintaining  the Process in compliance with local government regulations)

A  Permanent  work  force  for  staff  caters  to  the  needs  of  the  growing  clientele.  These  highly  skilled consultants and staffs are drawn  from  premier arts  and  financial institutes  and lend  their expertise  in the field. An ongoing training program keeps their sources up to date and aware of the innovations in the industry and strengthens their commitment towards excellence.

Know Who We Are

FAS has been established in 2019

Our Mission

Our Mission is to be Attentive with Determination and to sustain our team of Expertise to achieve our tasks most efficiently and effectively that might surpass even industry regulations as we often weigh ourselves with our competitors. We strive to work according to our vision outlined by the management and to be a pioneer in the Business Start-up & Procedures. Our core concept is to develop the team of experts with Business Administration, Accounts and Financial backgrounds who can dedicate themselves to serve the Society.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the superior in the Business Start-up & Procedures and Policies Execution to perform our duties with excellence that matches and surpasses our competitor’s performance. We will earn our customers’ enthusiasm through continuous improvement driven by the integrity, teamwork, and innovation.

Our Values

To treat all our stakeholders with courtesy, dignity and respect. To be honest and have integrity. To create and develop sustainability in all our activities, policies and resources. To be accountable for all our actions and be a good service provider to all our clients. To create, promote transparent action in compliance with regulations throughout forever our process.

Know Who We Are

Our Working Process

Identifing Clients

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Leadership Teams

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Developing Work

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Closing the Deal

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FAS – Your One-Stop Solution

When you outsource your accounting services to FAS, you’ll surely find the difference you’ve been looking for. As it is a well-known fact that your Accounting Services can be big task, your stress gets eased out here. Our Expert Accountant will look into every company’s accounts to give you the best results.

Know Who We Are

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Industries Covered

  • Legal Firms
  • Advertising Industries
  • Entertainment
  • Information & Technology (IT)
  • Media Industries
  • Online Trading Firms
  • Service Providers
  • Leasehold Companies
  • Hotel Industries (Food)
  • Engineering Services
  • Education Industries
  • Cleaning Companies
  • Contracting Services