Serving Industries

Media, Advertisement and Entertainment

  • NO Responsible person / department to administer and execute / prepare their business contracts
  • Inexperienced in contract
  • 100k worth contract
  • Identifying one sided contract (Red Alarming)
  • 8 to 10 pages with more than 15 clauses
  • Legal terms
  • Payment release also
  • Tourism related

Leasehold or Real Estate

Companies which has run by individuals or companies who has been managing many commercials or residential towers may face a problem of trail identifications

  • NO Tracking of Data
  • No Contract Maintenance
  • NO PDC List
  • NO Expense Maintenance
  • NO Vacant list maintenance
FAS Solution
  • Accounting system implemented
  • Last one year transaction had been entered in the system
  • Helps in Reconcile (Cash, Bank, Cheque Return)
  • Monthly Reports System
    • New Contracts
    • Collection
    • Cheque Bounce/return
    • List of Vacant
    • List of Occupied
  • Tax Submission (VAT)
Leasehold or Real Estate
Online Trading Firms (E-Commerce)

Online Trading Firms (E-Commerce)

  • NO Accounting System
  • No inventory management
  • Manual Process
FAS Solution
  • Conducted interview with various department to brought structure both in Operations & Accounts
  • Specifically in Receivables and Payables
Education Institutions

Education Institutions

Education Institution may face problem in Collection of data (student data, Academic data, staff data, Vehicle data, Finance Data), Converting hard copies into soft copies. Manual process and interconnection between many departments would require a one point solution

FAS has supporting services which includes implementation of Book of Accounting, Training of Client's employees for

  • Basic accounting
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Closing of Books
  • Training them on significance of accosting
  • Classification of expenses and Categorization of Expenses
  • Implementation of full end to end accounting setup
  • Reconciliation of numbers
    • Statement of accounts
    • Payables
    • Receivables
  • Procedure for daily collection