Accounting is no doubt the universal language of businesses and its financial figures. But we should not confine our view on accounting just with Financial Figures, rather the proper accounting is the dimension of absolute financial position of the company at any point of time without any puzzle.

Outsourced Accounting Services (OAS) & Book Keeping

  • Implementation of Computerized Accounting Books
  • Book Keeping of Accounting Transactions
  • Accounting Supervision
  • Closing of Account books periodically
  • Submission of Periodical Financial Reports
  • Backlog Accounting Service
  • Financial Analysis Service

Budget Preparation and Cost Control

  • Training and Preparation of Budget Appendixes (Enclosures)
  • Collection of Data and Preparation of Budgets Compilation of Budget Summaries
  • Evaluation and Submission of Budget
  • Budget Presentation
  • Introduction of Cost Control Steps by implementing internal work flow methodology
  • Monitoring of Commitments prior spending Budgetary Control Measures


Fish Hook Accounting Services will support your organization with Accounting and Financial Reporting by maintaining Ledgers of accounts in compliance with local regulations and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and with a knowledge of our expertise. Our scheduled approach will depend upon the requirement of our valuable clients. The merits and privilege, our clients shall ripe as mentioned below:

  • Avoid the diversion of our clients from their core activities to Accounting, Reporting, Monitoring as we Fish Hook take the role and responsibility on the same.
  • Provides right accounting information at right time.
  • FAS avoids the puzzle of numbers rather provides in a most transparent manner.
  • Provision of latest technology with training without any hassle of spending huge sum.
  • Problem solving and appropriate solution through our experienced expertise staffs.
  • No dilemma of appointing additional staff and monitoring time and costs.

One of the main reasons for implementing VAT for business in UAE is to generate more revenue for the government. So FAS is become a tool to advise and assist the entrepreneurs to register and file for VAT. Hence, FAS feeling proud for being a contributor to UAE and making their clients, the same for a public contribution.

Processing of VAT Registration and help you to analyze impact of VAT in your business. Preparation and compiling of VAT returns. Assistance in obtaining the refund of VAT.



Fish Hook Accounting Services is a registered Accounting and Reporting Services and Tax Consultants in UAE. UAE businesses must, first and foremost, ensure they have up-to-date financial records. Examining those records, if your company meets the threshold of annual turnover, then you must register for VAT. What FAS can provide through their VAT Filing and Consultancy Services:

  • Easy solution with our Tax Advisory Services
  • Assist in fulfilling the Social Responsibility with our Regulatory Compliance Services without any loophole.
  • Minimize the risk and VAT liabilities with our timely and genuine services
  • Improved process vide our structured financial assessment, calculations and assessments with diligent consideration.
  • FAS with years of experience and capable of avoiding the common mistakes made during the VAT Return Filing and other related activities.

FAS not only map the route for business starters, but also navigate them to their destination of success through its versatile expertise.

Arrangement for a start up businesses early from Legal Assistance to Business Profile / Brochure includes Arranging Custom Code for Import Licenses, Web Site, Digital Marketing, Business Ethical Training of Manpower.

  • Arranging Custom Code for Import Licenses
  • Arranging Sponsorship
  • Web Site and Digital Marketing
  • Training of Manpower
  • Manpower Resources
  • Business Profile and Brochures


None other than FAS can help you in setting up your own business in Abu Dhabi or the rest of the UAE like Company Registration. If you want to start your business, FAS will be your best associate. As we are most recognized and reputed organization based in UAE, we provide both offline and online business setup services in compliance with regulations and law without any loophole. Why FAS for Business Start-up?

  • The concept of “Everything under one Shelter” which includes Registration, Export Licensing, Accounting, Tax and Auditing Services, Business Profile and Web Site and other Value-Added Services, No Matter Which Product, Which Market Which Services are you dealt with....
  • Time Saving and Cost Effective through our combo services
  • FAS provides internal monitoring for the services committed; no involvement required from client end.

An aligned process to achieve the highest ICV Certification Score, ICV Certificate Renewal, Audit Financial Report Arrangement, Business Strategy.

It is to assist the business to get an accreditation to have a business deal with oil giants like ADNOC. Indeed, it will a goodwill and great recognition for business in UAE, if approved to provide goods and services for ADNOC.

  • Assist in obtaining Certification by fulfilling the regulatory requirements
  • Obtaining the required Audit Financial Report
  • Assistance for highest ICV Certification Score
  • Assist in setting of business strategies
  • ICV Certificate Renewal Service


In 2018 In-Country Value (ICV) program was established for Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) group companies with the objectives of National Growth, Diversification in UAE Economy and provide opportunities for UAE Nationals in the private sector. The role of FAS in ICV Support and Consultancy Services:

  • Ensure the requirement of milestones required for obtaining the ICV Certificate.
  • Arranging the required documents, qualities and conditions for the above.
  • FAS makes the task easy and attain business development as supply chains become localized on account of the ICV program.
  • The ICV certification holders can also have a contracting benefit with the partner corporation and federal authorities.

Contract is one of the prime source for business in their daily activities, so framing the contract in a most balanced manner is an art which FAS providing with its unique experience and skill for the parties involved in a contract.



Contract Administration is the process of creating a contract between two parties say Consumer and Service or Goods provider. The process ends when the contract is agreed upon and both the parties have signed the dotted line. These documents are created to protect both sides of the agreement in case something goes wrong or needs to be changed.

Those are the beginning and endpoints of contract administration, but in between, there is lots of work to be done such as planning, estimating and contract bidding. The first step is to understand the wants and needs of each party. Though it sounds easy, indeed no simple task, and it involves time and effort. Then, the contract administrator puts these wants, needs, expectations, etc. into a written form that is easy to understand and refer back to.

Execution involves Monitoring of action with agreed milestones such as Time, Cost, Conditions, Result, etc., How FAS assist all those:

  • As mentioned above clients no needs to have an expertise to look after these, as FAS has most experienced with three decades of experience in contracts and regulations associated.
  • FAS also maintains the Balanced Business Ethics without any compromise in confining the laws and regulations
  • FAS pinpoints both the parties wherever there is a one-sided approach by any party.
  • Contract Status Follow-up and flag service for renewal of contracts.

Which covers the variety of services without any limitation to the business with comprehensive venture with FAS, if applicable.

  • Performance Evaluation based on Historical and Present Datum (by Year, by Department, by Nature of Expenditures, Budget and Actual, By Project, etc.
  • Knowledge sharing through our most experience consultants team with world renowned best practices.
  • Conducting Business Ethics Training for the clients by our consultants.
  • Accounting Forms for all the financial process.
  • Conducting Customer Feedback Survey, Compilation and Presentation of survey for the development and improvement of client's business.
  • Presenting a model for the Performance Evaluation of Employees.
  • Online remote service to anywhere at any time to our clients.
  • Assist in conducting CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities), today CSR is one of the most recognizable criteria for any government award programs in UAE, which are certified by various environmental groups. Our consultants are having years of experience in conducting those activities:
    1. Assist in participating Cleaning Campaign Program
    2. CAN collection campaign
    3. Blood Donation Campaign
    4. Conducting Earth Hour (conducted worldwide during 4th week of March every year) which recognized by WWF United Nature. This is to prove our involvement in the commitment of ourselves in the society.
    5. Employees Free Health checkup

Tax Residency Certificate (TRC)

FAS ensures the businesses and individuals to avoid the double taxation by acquiring TRC from government of UAE.

Statutory Services

FAS assist and motivates the timely business services to avoid penalties and other legal implications. When a business is successfully complying with the requisite regulations, the company can concentrate more on its business strategy without any hurdles with stability and top-notch work ethics

Auditing of Financial Process
  • Gap Analysis.
  • Evaluation through International Accounting Standards.
  • Compliance with local government regulations.
  • Preventive and Control Measures.
  • Submission of Audit Report
  • Corrective Action Plan
ISO Certification Services
  • Arranging the recognized consultant as per the local standards.
  • Recommendation of Standard in compliance with Business Strategy
  • Introduction of business process to abide with ISO
  • Advisory and co-ordination for ISO audit review.
  • Necessary Documentation Procedures.
  • Renewal of ISO certificates


Value Added Services are provided based on the most comprehensive service hired through FAS as mentioned below:

  • Cost Effective as most of these services been provided as combo
  • Suitable for medium and small organization which don't have sufficient resources.
  • Time Saving

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